Platform that places ads directly into objects found through video and image analysis LensAI offers a new way to monetize image and video content while offering an instant shopping experience. We closed the gap between the moment of inspiration and the actual sale, and now you can buy products straight from the content. That's what we call a "seamless sale" here at LensAI. There will be no more irrelevant ads that annoy you. LensAI algorithms took care of it; similarity and relevance are what matters the most! In case you are tired of ads that are displayed too late or next to non-relevant content, we have a solution for you. We place our advertisements directly into the object of your inspiration that you are viewing in real-time. LensAI Team is all about fun, and we strive to add that fun into the visual appearance of ads we show you. Our ads are not the ads you got used to and often ignore. By adding animation, we "revitalize" our ads for better engagement. We also want our ads to be interactive hints that are meant to help you rather than annoy you, that's why our ads are like the hints you used to click when playing video games. Are you a video game fan? Because we are! We joined the existing Affiliate Programs of top marketplaces with a wide selection of products, so LensAI and its Publishing Partners are not limited by specific brands or sellers. Even more, our algorithms give us the option to cross-sell, up-sell, and advertise a higher number of possible relevant products and categories. There is so much more about us, but what matters most is that we are building something unique that will be a win-win-win-win scenario for all parties involved: Advertisers, Publishing Partners, all the users, and us. Nothing can stop us!
Member count: 1-10