Le Joyau d'Olive

Luxury Handmade Soap Our soaps have no equivalent on the North American markets. Our soaps are the only on the market that are handmade, matured over 5 months, made of virgin oils, and twice milled. We have catered to the needs of a growing customer segment that previously had no other choice but buy cheap synthetic soaps. People are fed up with synthetics but haven't found alternatives. We are a luxury soap in our quality standards and price points. We have had 100% repeat business from our customers either locally or internationally. On international markets, customers perceive us as an exotic addition to their daily cleansing routine and feel the benefits on their skin and hair as of the first day of use. Our selling point is easily convincing our clients as they have been wanting to find a truly natural soap for the longest time but their markets did and does not offer this option as of 2020. On local markets, people understand the value of virgin olive oils and are easily convinced to try us.
Member count: 1-10