Lectios provides publishers and content creators with an easy solution to convert written articles into audio tracks using text to speech and crowd-sourced human voices, as well as to distribute them on the website and on different platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Music, Playerfm, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and others. Audio content consumption is growing fast thanks to voice assistant devices and audio hosting platforms that have unlocked new important opportunities: we’re convinced that audio and voice services are the next big opportunity for news businesses. Also, the use of audio/podcast is a growing trend for many corporations that record the post blogs into an audio blog which can be shared as a podcast and incorporated into an integrated marketing strategy to drive better ROI for campaigns, with multiple benefits: 1. Creating a sense of trust and personality of business; 2. Allowing companies and brands to make storytelling anywhere at any time; 3. Building customer loyalty, brand identity and awareness.
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