Learnerbly provides learning resources that gets spark flying ✨ in your people, an environment where they can bump into brilliance, creating a personal learning culture that inspires and excites everybody. With Learnerbly, you can provide each of your people with a personal learning budget to spend on: 📚 Thousands of easy to find learning resources 💻 Including online courses, coaches, books, audio, apps and more 🏅 From over 200 quality controlled providers And through AI-driven curation, we make sure every learner sees the content that’s relevant to them and their goals. You’ll get one simple invoice, a managed-for-you fulfilment process and the confidence that your people are growing 🌱 Visit our website to learn more 👉 https://www.learnerbly.com
Location: United Kingdom, London
Member count: 51-200
Total raised: $2.088246M

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