Lean Money Supply LeanFinancials is a free online budgeting tool. Designed the way the father of Lean concepts suggested, to show if your ahead of, or behind, your purchasing plan at a glance. That makes it easy to plan and save for future purchases with consistent, consolidated, monthly installments. That generate interest until needed for the purchase, turning future purchases into current investments. Users invest the exact amount of money, for its interest, to complete the installment, over the savings period. Keeping pace with needs, and reducing financial anxiety. Removing needed funds from cash on hand, so they can't be misinterpreted as spending money. Available cash is what can be spent, while still buying what you have planned in the future, a clear and accurate picture of financial position. Not only is this the next step in lean concepts, it?s the next step in big data. Our customers create a living, breathing, pre purchase sample of the consumer marketplace that can be data mined.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K