Community based peer-to-peer payment platform targeting fantasy sports players We are convinced that the fantasy sports community needs a solution that allows for the storing and transferring of funds easily, quickly, & securely. We expect our strongest market segment to be season-long league users who leagues require a pay in to participate. According to our research, more than 40 million people played fantasy sports in North America during 2014, the equivalent of 30% of U.S. adult males. The average player spends $100 a year on fantasy. Together users spent $11 Billion on the activity in 2014. Popularity is at all time high with no signs of slowing down and season-long leagues, which have been around for decades, continue to thrive especially now that fantasy is being endorsed by major pro leagues. Additional market segments include daily fantasy sports players who find value and convenience in the ability to store value collected from multiple mobile sites on one platform. This could increase our target market by an additional 10 million people.
Member count: 1-10