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Finding an email for the B2B business To do a relevant B2B Business it is very crucial to know the way and process of finding email. This process is also called lead generation. Finding proper and valid contacts and emails are most important for business stability. Why and whose email we need! Clint's conditions are mainly the aim of work that we will do. According to the client's demand, we usually search for the company's main persons like CEO, Managing director, Owner and some of the marketing team members. Then we search for their email and it's not always visible or can be found easily. How can we find these emails with validity? There is some method that is used as the system of finding email.First, we search for the company or the person we need at google search engine. We have to make sure the person we are looking for is a genuine one. Then we need to find a social profile like Linkedin. Linkedin is used to find the main and solid data of the person. So that we can easily know what currently which job or company he/she is doing. Then we can directly search at the company's main site to find the email. But most of the time we only can get the company's general email. For this, we can use some email finder tools like ❏ AeroLeads~ ❏ Adapt.io~ ❏ Prospect.io~ ❏ Anymail Finder~ ❏ Hunter.io (EMAIL HUNTER)~ ❏ Vocus.io~ ❏ eadGibbon~ ❏ RocketReach~ ❏ LeadIQ~ ❏ GetProspect.io~ ❏ LeadGibbon~ ❏ Leadfeeder~ ❏ Skrapp – Find Emails In Bulk~ ❏ Snov.io Email Finder~ ❏ Lusha~ These tools are used to find emails from a different page and sources. But after getting the email we have to re-check it cause sometimes it can be wrong or backdated. For this first, we can check it by putting it to the mail address section. If the mail is valid we get to know by mail color. We can also verify the mail with mail tester if needed. Cause some time mails are valid but it is not shown or identified by extensions. So it can be only verified via mail tester.
Location: Bangladesh, Dhaka Division, Dhaka
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2018