Find your perfect influencer or advertiser Layba lets you find your perfect influencer or advertiser regarding statistics, interests, budget, ratings in less than 10 minutes. Current methods of collaborations between influencers and advertisers are too complex and require a lot of time which make the process slower and harder. Our platform contains all the essentials tools as Live statistics, messaging, contracts, complex search, payments. What are ours competitive Advantages? 1. We have a minimal commission of 5% (Competitors take 20-50% and have monthly plans). 2. We are elaborating a matching algorithm (Rapid and efficient way of finding appropriate collaborator). 3. Ease of Use (Simple, attractive and effective UI/UX design) 4. Simplicity (Layba has 4 simple steps of utilization: Browse, choose, collab, pay) 5. Personal help (We help influencers giving professional marketing strategies, advice, help)
Member count: 1-10