Find top small business opportunities Combining data on competition, market and local factors, we calculate scores to help you decide what type of business to launch and where to launch it. "Jamie wants to expand her Vegan restaurant chain in Texas, but isn't sure which city to start with. She doesn't have a budget for market research. Luckily for her, LaunchScore can help her find the best city to expand to." "Lisa is tired of her job and wants to quit to start a small business but she isn't sure what type. She loves Milwaukee, but really isn't sure what the city needs or what she might have to offer. Luckily for her, LaunchScore can help her find a business that she could get into that her city really needs." "Abdul wants to move to America to start a halal bakery. He knows of a few friends and relatives in New York, but he also knows that New York already has dozens of halal bakeries. Luckily there is LaunchScore, so Abdul can check to see which cities really need him and his business."