Latina Podcasters
Global podcast network for Latinas Latina Podcasters is the leading global podcasting network Latinas and Latinx women. Latinas and Latinx women are severely under represented and underpaid in the podcasting arena. The Latina Podcasting Network utilizes a two model approach to solve this problem, business to consumer and business to business. Our company believes we must first give Latina Podcasters the ability to control their narrative and accelerate change by amplifying their voices. The Network accomplishes this by providing community building, having a membership available to help to level up the quality of content and incubate new podcast brands, and creating an easier way to discover podcasts created by latinas. The second part of the model is business to business or Latina Podcasters Network to Advertising Partners. With ad sales projected at $1 billion dollars 2020, Latina Podcasters Network understands how important it is to provide an easier way for advertisers to discover Latina podcaster talent and ad buying abilities from the podcasters on the network.
Member count: 1-10