Corporaci?n Lancofruit
Organic waste converted into protein for animal feeding 1. BIOCONVERTEX: Insect protein is the insect larvae, to complement or substitute fishmeal, soy or sorghum meal. Customer are petshops, zoos, shrimp & fish pond producers, chicken producers, pig producers, animal feeding plants. 2. RESIDUEX: Residue from insect, as a soil enhancement, rich in nitrogen, is the excrement of the insect larvae. The technology used to convert insect larvae into protein as a main product and larvae excrement into organic fertilizer is simple; using & knowing the Black Soldier Fly Life cycle, that is approx. 45 to 50 days, from egg, to larvae, to pre-pupae, to pupae, to adult fly, again Egg, & the cycle goes on. Is at the larvae stage that the content of the larvae?s body have the highest content of protein, fat & others, and is at this stage that you harvest it. At the same time you harvest sifting the excrement as byproduct. The final products for animal consumption are: Live larvae, Dried Larvae & Larvae Powder, and as byproduct Larvae excrement.
Member count: 11-50