LabWorm is here to revolutionize the way online science resources are engaged. An innovative open and social platform that aims to help biologists and bioinformaticians find the best, trending, and newest online resources. LabWorm is aims to be a medium for scientists to collaborate and engage in sharing of knowledge to advance open science. Founded by researchers for researchers, during our time conducting research we realized just how important online resources are these days. Currently however, finding the right and best tool can be a daunting task. We therefore envisioned an easy to use, fun, and social platform that will make sense of all the online science tools out there and help researchers find the best one for their research needs. So what can one do with the platform? LabWorm curates numerous resources and supplements each with detailed information and metrics so that locating new, trending and the most popular tools through arranged categories or with the advance search engine. These important tools can then be shared or added to a sharable ‘toolbox’ collection, in-order to help other researchers take their science to the next level. LabWorm enables the user to connect with other scientists to learn which tools expert colleagues are using, and provides a platform to obtain advice and guidance from users in the community. The vision of LabWorm is an open and collaborative science and it is therefore built at it's core with social functionality to promote exchange of knowledge and expertise between scientists. Finally, since no good science can be achieved without following the latest literature, LabWorm offers researchers the ability to tailor their own news-feed by displaying the latest updates in relevant scientific journals. So, what’s next? This is just the beginning and we have really awesome features being cooked up to transform your experience! We are working really hard to get these neat features out to you as fast as possible, so follow us to hear the latest updates on new developments.
Location: Israel, Jerusalem District, Jerusalem
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2015