Influencer Marketing Platform for Instagram In Feb 2014 we?ve created LabelUp - the biggest influencer marketing platform for Instagram bloggers and brands in Russia with 5k+ active bloggers (20k+ registered) and a non-unique range of followers about 100m+. We help brands find opinion leaders, bloggers and celebrities providing the best way to interact with the customers - influencer marketing. We offer a useful, full of stats platform for sharing advertiser's content in Instagram blogs and moderating tasks in-one-window. Posting is not allowed in the app - bloggers do it manually. Brands, can easily start their Instagram advertising campaign in a 10 minutes. What they need is: create a task (e.g selfie with a brand T-Shirt), choose the proper bloggers (using targeting tools and filters), select time for posting. The campaign suggestions will be automatically send to your appropriate bloggers. Bloggers are sharing their Stats and getting suggestions from relevant brands. They have a mobile app available.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $400K