Customer journey platform Global marketing automation is changing and personalized marketing has not lived up to its promise to revolutionize the marketing world. According to a report from Gartner 80% of all marketers will completely abandon personalization by 2025. In a world where privacy is limited to non-existing, data breaches are huge and wide-spread consumers are more and more turned off by personalization. Especially when done by smaller brands who are not sufficiently top-of-mind to have the level of relationship with the consumer to not cross that ?creepy-line?. We at Kyvio believe that the future lies not in personalization but instead with behavioural marketing. ?Give people what they have shown to be interested in without overstepping their ?(digital) personal space?.? Previously platforms that enable the creation of such marketing automation throughout the customer journey required big teams of (technical) experts to string it all together. That is why we build Kyvio, to bring the power of designing and implementing effective customer journeys to small and mid-sized companies & agencies. Customer journeys help you: 1. increase conversions of your funnels 2. tie all your different sales funnels together to serve the bigger picture strategy of your company 3. Increase customer loyalty and thus LTV 4. Easily segment your target audience to deliver the right sales funnel to the right people 5. Improve the ROI on all your online Marketing investments Kyvio lets you design and implement your Smart Journeys by simple drag & drop interface plus on the back of that lets you actually build out your Smart Funnels with a full featured drag & drop free form page editor and publish all your funnel pages as flat files (super fast loading on Google CDN for best conversion and minimal PPC waste!). Kyvio Smart Products also allows you to sell your products and securely deliver them (email, digital download, Web hook, Membership access)
Member count: 11-50