Resolving Minor to Major Concern of Individuals in Real Time KyuTell Services is based on age old concept that any problem can be solved if people come together. KyuTell Services is an E Solution providing platform; it aims to use the huge availability of man power(demographic dividend). Till date people used to reach out to only scholars or professionals for the solution of any problem- pay a huge amount of fees, for some problems they didn?t even know whom to reach out or weren't sure about expressing themselves, sometimes even getting stuck in world of multiple solutions. KyuTell Services aims at ensuring that right solution from right people reach the right person in real time.With KyuTell everyone will become seeker and teacher. Now for any minor to major life related queries people can reach out to others, to someone who has been in similar situation before or who has knowledge about it through any mode of communication available to him.The base of KyuTell Services is amalgamation of manpower with technology which is need of the hour.
Member count: 1-10