Kysen Technologies
Welcome to the DeFi Era Kysen is creating real-world solutions by building blockchain infrastructure that is powering this future of Decentralized Finance. We run KysenPool ? by joining our qualified Staking Pool, simply delegate your tokens with us while you maintain full control of your cryptocurrency ownership in your own wallet. We launched Harvest Wallet ? after partnering with Terra, a $32 million venture capital funded blockchain company, Kysen launched this cryptocurrency wallet which support multiple Terra stablecoins. We currently run Staking Pool operations on the networks of Harmony, Cosmos, Terra, XRP and the upcoming Cardano. We can quickly setup secure and reliable validator nodes to ensure the nodes reach consensus with high frequency. Kysen Technologies is a San Francisco Bay Area technology company. Twitter: Medium: Kysen Technologies: Validator: Harvest Wallet: Relevant Articles: * * *
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