Be welcome at : www.kymono.co CUSTOMIZED CLOTHES SHOULDN'T BE CRAP. We're talking about style, babe. KYMONO clothes have just the best quality you can find. We chose every single details carefully: material, cuts, colours, bouton & zippers. You'll never stop wearing your own new style. SHARE YOUR COLOURS & BUILD YOUR CULT! You may be at a café or in the bus, you're always on a mission. It's not advertising, it's expression. You don't sell your product, you share your values. Your startup is precious so our service is perfect. WHAT YOU WEAR IS WHAT YOU ARE. You care of the environment? So does KYMONO. Wanna make sure people involved are well treated? So does KYMONO. Organic, sustainable and respectful of the highest ethics of production, your clothes must be good. KYMONO GOES ALL IN : --> MASTERS OF TEXTILE PRINTING KYMONO is the union of a long time textile corporation & TheFamily. We're a team of people who care for both startups and fashion. --> WE HAVE OUR OWN FACTORY We design and print in one place. We master the supply chain quickly: from ordering to delivery, from your ideas to its execution. --> A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS Because we love fashion, everything is there, cuts, colors and quality that you can personalize with your unique design, logo and colors. Ask our catalogue and you'll get it right away ;) --> ETHICS & 100% ORGANIC Printing and stitching all take place in France. Each article is of premium quality, 100% organic, sustainable and respectful of the highest ethics of production for people and the environment. Be welcome at : www.kymono.co
Location: France, Ile-de-France, Paris
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2017

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