KutQue - Skip the Line. Live more.

Join the Walk-In queues at local restaurants, salons, and stores with our App from anywhere KutQue Mission - Modernizes how users can virtually join the queues from anywhere and get real-time updates on when to arrive: User Problem - TIRED OF WALK-IN QUEUES AT LOCAL STORES? When the world is moving towards Autonomous cars, we still have to line up in Walk-In queues at the grocery store cash counter, restaurants, salons, and hospitals. Due to the Corona Virus, the situation has worsened as we now have to queue up to enter the store. It's not SOCIAL DISTANCING. Competition - Existing Queue Management companies are targeting the Enterprise client's problems for a monthly subscription. For this reason, not every local business subscribes to their solutions and so end customers have no option but to line up. About KutQue - At KutQue, we are building a local search platform where Clients can register their business for Queue Management, and Consumers can use our app to find local stores offering virtual Queue services to join remotely. Our platform services will be free for both Clients and Consumers. Top Platform Features: 1: Local Directory - Find the listing of all the local stores offering virtual queue service 2: Virtual Queues - Conveniently join the virtual walk-in queue at your local store from anywhere 3: Monitor Status - Find the number of people ahead of you and estimated time before you are served 4: Smart Alerts - Location and traffic conditions is used to notify user when to leave for the store
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