Tha launching, branding and building community A community that launches new products using social selling, social branding and social marketing. We've helped launch almost 30 products/services since early August 2016! 1) ZipnStore 2) Park Smarts For Kids (activity books for children of all ages) 3) Cords of Steel - The Freedom Charger 4) ShiverShield 5) EZ On Babeez 6) Trifecto Infinity 7) MobiCard USA 8) Net Effects Traders 9) Race For The Top 10) Colours & Spice Gourmet by Chef Bernard 11) Yahooty Who? 12) SightSaver Computer Glasses 13) Vibe Bottle (glass) 14) Park Smarts For Kids Adventures (magnetic board game) 15) LP-9 by HumaGenics 16) Hug-a-BooBoo (band-aids) 17) Borbon Skincare, Inc. 18) Breezy Bites 19) TuckVisor 20) Hooptie 21) 'Born In June' movie 22) Pre-Holiday Gourmet Sale by Chef Bernard 23) Mickey Kelley (country music recording artist) 24) kulaBrands Anthem (company branding song) 25) Gourmet French sauces by Chef Bernard 26) Trading Bot Cryptocurrency Project 27) Foot Log (foot massager) 28) GunBail