Business, Economy and Finance Palm Oil Refinery Land and Plant: This refinery is a 400-metric-ton-per day vegetable oil physical refinery and fractionation plant, situated on a 7.8 Hectares waterfront site with an on-site jetty for delivery of CPO shipments. The site had dedicated storage for: 1. 20,000 tons of crude oil 2. 11,000 tons of refined products 3. 1,400 tons of intermediate products The refinery is located on 7.8 hectares of land along the waterfront of the Calabar River in the Odukpani Local Government area of Cross River State, South Nigeria. The property lies adjacent to TINAPA Business Resort. In addition to the refinery itself, the owner has constructed a dedicated jetty, with all relevant facilities to enable the delivery of CPO and shipment of finished products. This jetty will be for the exclusive use of the Palm Oil Refinery and will have its own customs checkpoint. The plant is easily accessible with a good network of roads leading to the site.
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