Usability testing and Product Validation in Prototyping Phase It helps product owners, product designers and UX teams to quickly prototype and test products and product features. Prototyping side Make more interactive prototypes compared to the existing tools that are mostly static. This helps the user testing the app get the feeling that they are using the real app and to focus on the task they are given. Prototypes are created by using the component based approach: - Elements sitting on top of everything - Horizontal, vertical and all way scrolling/movement - Easily updating component designs through out the prototype (e.g. change a menu image to add a button, compared to exporting 20 screens again) Usability side Keep testing and validating UX assumptions. Track user behaviour while using the prototypes and aggregate results providing back following metrics: - Full reconstruction of user behavior with replay of their usage flow - Heatmaps - Average time to solve the task given, with high and low peaks
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