conversation hub to express passions and collaborate with like minded students at college our mission is to design the future of society's fabric that promotes human interaction in communities. we envision a smaller world where everyone is closer together. our beta is due to release on August 15 at the University of Waterloo to 2000 students. it will empower students to create and join their own conversations and activities at university, hence aiming to disrupt student associations. Our current target cluster includes universities in Ontario, Canada. the target market is passionate students who want to be nano-influencers in their community. our go-to-market strategy involves establishing campus knct, our content creation, and ambassador program to empower these passionate students. campus knct has a growing presence in 20 universities with 25 ambassadors giving us unique localized market insights, low CAC, and locking in universities. join us in designing and creating the future of how humans will interact in their communities!
Member count: 1-10