Marketplace for pre-owned gadgets & video games Kloomo is a hyperfast marketplace for pre-owned video games & gadgets. BLAZING FAST Listing an item or making an offer just take some seconds. No description to enter or picture to upload, just a couple of clicks. BUT YOU CAN TAKE YOUR TIME Listings can stay up to a year, then you're not pressed to take a low offer just because your time window is ending. PROBLEMS IT SOLVES -When people sell on EBAY they have to pay listing fees and a good percentage of the sale. Kloomo offers tiny fees for listing and no sale comision. -When people sell on CRAIGSLIST, their listings are buried in a matter of days. Listings on Kloomo don't get buried because the buyers are not making offers for a specific listing, but for a specific item and all the sellers are notified.
Member count: 1-10