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Avec KitNations, installez vous comme un local, partout dans le monde. KitNations vous accompagne dans votre installation partout dans le monde. À travers un kit complet qui rassemble des outils physiques et digitaux, toute l’information essentielle et des partenariats inédits, nous vous débarrassons des frustrations liées aux démarches administratives et nous répondons à tous vos besoins dès votre arrivée. - KitNations, live as a local, wherever you are! Are you relocating abroad ? Whether you are moving temporarily for an internship or you are looking for a permanent relocation, KitNations will save you from the frustrations linked to starting your new life in a foreign country. With our survival kit full of physical and digital goodies, essential information and unique partnerships, KitNations will facilitate each of your steps as soon as you start on your exciting new adventure. Save time, money and simply make the most of it, KitNations will make you completely autonomous from day 1. With 2 formats, physical box or 100% digital, simply place your order online, receive your kit before you leave or upon arrival in your new destination.
Member count: 1-10
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