Kitatus and Friends
An Ambitious New Digital Entertainment Startup With The Experience To Make It Our first project/product is a video game for PC and console called "Nth^0: Infinity Reborn". We plan for this project to be the first of many products we sell. As our pilot game, the goal of the company is to ensure the highest possible standards, with later downloadable content that can be purchased to further the enjoyment of the product. Our product will be both sold digitally and "boxed" in stores. Each product will be sold at a standard $29.99 in the US and adjusted accordingly depending on the country. We will also be selling the product in an early access stage (digitally sold only) at a standard $19.99. We have planned to release our game sometime in early 2021 alongside an early access release in summer 2020. Our team has excellent industry experience, with an extensive list of contacts and networks to reach out to leading console platformers, publishers and big brands that will help drive us towards our company goals. With members of our team helping to create successful games and shows such as Fortnite, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Black Mirror we have the know-how to break into our market and become successful as a company. The global gaming market is worth $152.1 Billion (2019) with the USA taking over China as #1 being the biggest market this year, including global market growth being +9.6% YoY. We plan on releasing for both PC and consoles which is worth $115.8 billion of the global market. We plan to distribute and release our product in as many high-value countries as feasibly possible, which gives us a target audience of 30 million to 137 million people globally. Our main target countries are USA, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, the UK, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey and the Benelux.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $13K