Incident management that makes your company stronger. Manage, respond, and recover from major outages and incidents as a team with Kintaba: the easiest way to implement modern incident management at your company. Kintaba is the easiest way to implement full lifecycle modern incident management for your entire company. Instant chat, automated event tracking, automated IMOC oncall rotations, included postmortem templates, auto-scheduling, and more. Learn from your incidents with automated post mortem processes and incident knowledge search and recall. On-Calls at Your Call Easy to use IMOC and oncall rotations, one-click paging, automated assignments, and employee directory imports so you can add and manage responders quickly. Instant Collaboration Rich slack-integrated chat and activity logging to bring the right people together and keep stakeholders updated so you can mitigate incidents quickly without the distraction of writing status emails. Postmortems On Autopilot Automated Postmortem creation, distribution, and review scheduling to give your team easy access to critical knowledge after high severity events.
Location: United States, New York
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2020

Investors 4

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