Token Thymus Total Supply : 120,000,000 THY A crypto-financial hybrid! The Thymus Coin grants the holder direct ownership of a special basket of basket gold + diamonds , chosen for their unique commercial sale at market rates to banks or storage on metal accounts of commercial banks . The Thymus Coin is comprised of both a digital (crypto) and physical (gold + diamonds) component, where the link between the two is maintained by Thymus, but decentralized through the use of independent service providers. The holder of a token can take delivery of the underlying gold + diamonds, which supports the minimum price of the token and grants full transparency. Put simply: our coin can never hit zero and we are decentralized. Our unique legal, technology, regulatory, and trading framework makes us the only provider to grant such transparent ownership and liquidity, which paves the way for Thymus to disrupt the global commodities trading industry.
Member count: 1001-5000