Keller Crafted is an impact-driven, farm-direct meat company with a bold mission: to create and sustain a farm-direct food chain that supports progressive farmers, regenerates the land, honors the animal, and nourishes our bodies. We are a conduit between small-scale regional farmers and consumers who seek wellness, reverence, honesty, and quality in their food. We source the highest quality local, sustainable and regenerative meats and poultry, add value with craft butchery and charcuterie, and then deliver it to your door, your local grocery store, and restaurants across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Whether you are looking for wholesale, retail, or home meat delivery we provide the best custom-cut meat and charcuterie from farmers that prioritize health, animal welfare, and sustainability.
Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 530-410-6000
Founded date: 2001

Investors 1