Kegshoe Inc.

Kegshoe Inc.
Kegshoe is a startup focusing on building software for breweries, cideries, and more. Our flagship product, Kegshoe Keg Tracking, helps companies around the world track their kegs. Keg tracking has been a longstanding issue in the beer and beverage industry, and breweries have typically relied on outdated solutions such as spreadsheets and whiteboards to keep track of where they’re sending their kegs. The result is that they frequently lose kegs and struggle to manage their keg fleets. Even for small breweries, this can end up costing thousands of dollars every year in lost inventory and efficiency. At Kegshoe, we solve this problem by providing breweries with an intuitive, mobile solution that lets them easily manage their entire keg fleet. We love working in the craft beer industry and helping local businesses succeed all over the world is our jam.
Location: Canada, Ontario, Kitchener
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2015