Knowledge Collective
Oxford-based education company We currently have four streams of work: 1. Summit for Young Leaders (SYL): Aimed at the leaders of tomorrow. Knowledge Collective hosts conferences taught by world-renowned speakers. Interactive and hands-on workshops in leadership, design thinking, and needs-led innovation are paired with lessons rooted within different fields including artificial intelligence, anthropology, politics, history, medicine etc. SYL 2019 was hosted in Athens, and our 2020 summits are planned in Athens, Jordan, and Singapore. 2. Executive Education: We host executive leadership and training programmes in Oxford and London taught by business professors and leaders. This week-long immersion teaches corporate leaders how to enhance their thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving as a business leader in the 21st Century. 3. Innovation Training: We offer a novel programme designed for ambitious and curious STEM students (11?17 years of age) who wish to know what it is like to be a scientist-innovator in the real world. The Young Innovators Programme is officially accredited by the British Science Association CREST Awards scheme. 4. Partnerships for Change: In line with SDG number 17, we partner with NGOs, leading universities, and governments internationally to drive forward the agenda for leadership, sustainability, innovation, and forward-thinking education with the aim of advancing society's collective knowledge.
Member count: 1-10