We are building the sex, love and intimacy superbrand of the future Kama is a wellbeing platform based on the science-backed idea that pleasure is health. With stress being the number one proxy killer in the world today, our mental health is more important than ever. As a society, however, we too often focus on pain and look to the brain to restore balance. This is why Kama has a different approach to wellbeing. We are shifting the focus to our body and placing pleasure at the forefront of the experience, regardless of your background, sexual preferences, body type, age, or gender. Our first product, launching publicly in August, is a sexual wellness self-discovery guide for gentle exploration, real communication, and fulfilling intimacy. We offer a personal experience that is expertly curated and backed by scientific research. More than a business, Kama is a social movement aimed at turning the biggest cultural taboo into a positive conversation by building a diverse and engaged community. Our investors are a diverse group of the world?s leading VC firms and influential angels, including AlleyCorp (led by Kevin Ryan, founder of MongoDB, Zola, Gilt Groupe, Business Insider), Female Founders Fund, and Raine Group.
Member count: 1-10