JustWait and Drive, We'll Do the Rest! JustWait is a mobile application geared to help us Put the phones down while driving. What differentiates / or sets our innovation apart from the embedded iPhone function (default) or AT&T DriveMode, is: 1. We offer Incentivized Gamification to our users. (Rack up safety coins and cash in for free stuff/discounts. discounted Shell Gas , Auto Insurance, Subway 6 inch meals, and Cryptocurrency. 2.Works with IOS as well as (Android) which makes up for 2 Billion daily users. 3. We record driving behavior and send weekly reports, turn on notifications and parents will receive alerts showing (activation or un installment of the app) great for parents wanting to keep track of their new teen drivers. 4. We are global and can be used in all parts of the world. Just choose language settings upon set up 5. JW Connect will be offered. This device can be place under steering wheel and determine who is driving and will not allow any other devices to be effected other than the driver.
Member count: 1-10