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I worked for the richest company in the world. It was named after a fruit. Out of 800 salespeople in Apple's online store I outperformed every sales person month over month for a year and a half. I was on full time salary, benefits out the nose, and collaborated with a team of some of the most brilliant people on the planet. I worked in my pajamas from the comfort of a house I owned, planted in the heart of suburbanville. That's what everyone else saw. But I was $24,000 in debt. Living the American dream, I spent my days building someone else's dream. I worked my heart out year round and received annual raises just big enough to buy a few extra bags of coffee every month to medicate my boredom with caffeine. I ate and slept the life of corporate predictability and monotony, even being told whose butt to kiss to get promoted. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck, I watched superhero movies and wanted to feel like one myself. My sense of pointlessness began to leak onto the people I loved most. I'll never forget the day my boss told me to create a spreadsheet tracker, to track another tracker that tracked daily tasks. So now I had a tracker for a tracker of my daily tasks that needed to be tracked. It was tracker inception! I looked at my office wall where months before I had spray painted, "Live Like No One Else." And that's when I realized, this is not even living. The final blow was when my boss shamed me in front of my own subordinate. Driven by fear of getting in trouble with HR, she made me the scapegoat. We were meeting over video chat and I remember feeling so humiliated I had to move an application window over the video of my boss' face. Feeling too sick to even answer I just nodded numbly, waiting for the meeting to end. The meeting finished, I turned to my wife, and said, "That's it. I'm done. I don't care how painful and difficult the path may be, I'm going to build a new life for our family." I picked up Tim Ferris's The 4-Hour Workweek and ideas started to explode like firecrackers inside my head. I joined the Missional Business Challenge and the more I learned, the more I realized I was done living in this trap. I grew fascinated with the dime, the most valuable US coin for its size. I pondered what would happen if I doubled it 20 times. I walked downtown and approached random people, sharing my vision and asking them to double my dime. Some said “yes” and others laughed. In a few weeks my dime had turned into $400 just for asking. I decided to leverage my $400 in online retail, so I started searching health and fitness on Ebay. The market was flooded with competitors. With Pat Flynn's advice echoing in my head "The riches are in the niches," I clicked on the "Everything Else" Ebay category and happened upon "Funeral and Cemetery." One hour later I discovered that tiny cremation urns hanging from silver necklaces were selling like popcorn at a baseball game. I found a supplier online, purchased inventory, and sold it quickly. I used all the money I made back to purchase more inventory. I did it again. And again. In just under a year, my dime had become $104,875.60. With joy, I fired my boss. Having tasted the power of building wealth without the help of a corporation, I was now hungry. I built an e-commerce store in the vape industry and failed miserably. I sold it for $35 on Ebay. I built another e-commerce store in two weeks. It garnered a strong social media following and I sold it for $500. From $35 to $500 was not bad. 1400% growth. I imagined what my ex-boss would say if I had asked her for a 1400% raise. I took the $500 and purchased a new line of products. I sold these on Amazon and used that money to buy more. My $500 grew to $5000. I invested the $5,000 into more products until it was $15,000. I used a chunk of this money to invest in real estate in Austin and begin renting out homes. My $15,000 became $90,000 in less than a year. I now had over $200,000 and it all started with a single dime. I began building passive income machines via e-commerce stores, real estate, Ebay, Instagram and Amazon. Soon I had generated over half a million in six months. I started to run into a lot of people with a similar dream but little time to learn what I learned. So I began to help friends do what I did. Then I began to help their friends. I watched people's minds blown with 150-500% financial increase in just weeks after me coaching them. A young student from Chicago quit college and went from zero to several hundred in sales in less than a week. Today he travels the world. A mother of four turned a struggling beauty business into constant revenue stream that today supports her family. A coach for executive hiring managers turned her website into a machine that increased her email list by over 2000 percent. I decided to take this seriously and Just One Dime was born. The end of this year will bring me to over a three quarter million in revenue. The best part is not the amount of money I make but the freedom it has created in my life to do things I love with the people I love. Today I can drop everything and whisk my wife away on a surprise date, not thinking twice about using up "vacation time" or if my boss is going to be upset that I took the day off. This new life has enabled me to do things like jump out of an airplane (yes, with a parachute), or enjoy a sunny day with my family at McKinney State Falls in the middle of the day when most people are stuck in an office making love to a spreadsheet. I can work 30 minutes a day (often less). If you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck and ready to turn your life into something that gives you margin to spend time with people you love, and do things you've always wanted to do, I can help. I won't waste your time with craptaculous claims, empty theories, and BS promises. I'm honest to a fault and extremely practical. Having been through the valley of hell and back again has squeezed enough narcissism from my heart to no longer need to impress. If you are serious about ending the paycheck death cycle, firing your boss, and building passive income that creates you margin so you can do the things you love with the people you love, I can meet with you (no hidden charge) to help you get started. I will be straight with you. No fluffy flattering. I'll tell you what is good and what needs help and help you create a strategy to get there. I'll also show you EXACTLY how I achieved what I did and then some.
Location: United States, Texas, Austin
Employees: 11-50
Founded date: 2016