Quick Live Auctions - WIN - WIN Just Bid Live is a completely new platform, for online auctions. Each Auction takes approximately anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes. There are two segments Buyers: Everyday online shoppers looking for product bargains. Seller: Businesses who have access or have products to sell. I spent over $10,000 to what the site is currently at. Still needs allot of work... Such as auction dynamics Monetary system Buyers & Sellers portal. The way Just Bid Live earns its profits is through admin fees, based on which style of auction type the Sellers are going to use. There is 3+ ways of admin charges based on the types of auction choice. Also Sellers have their own shop established on the site. Here are the types and admin fees... 1. Standard Listing: $2.00 2. Featured Listing: $3.00 3. Standard 20%: 5.00% 4. Big Percentage 50%: 10.00% 5. Reserved: 15.00% 6. Sellers Online Store: 10% I will be needing a VC and a biz guru to assist me on the project completion.
Member count: 1-10