Jump into the Light

Virtual Reality Cinema & Playlab Jump into the Light is America?s first Virtual Reality Cinema and Playlab. We are located in the Lower East Side, Manhattan and provide an array of unique virtual and augmented reality experiences as well as 4D cinema. We provide a mix of custom and curated content that allow you to climb the Swiss Alps, parachute into Niagara falls, walk a plank above a skyscraper, shoot zombies, or enter into the Matrix. We also host regular special events for multi-player experiences, paint parties, and virtual raves. You can also record your own MR video, 3D body scan, and mocap data. It is non-stop entertainment that will keep you coming back again and again. Jump into the Light is also a production studio for 360 video content as well as full VR/AR development. We have a team of talented 3D artists and animators as well as developers that can make your ideas become reality. In addition to the Cinema & Playlab, JITL hosts regular workshops and courses teaching people how to create VR content.