JoyScore: Grow Happy Feelings Happiness is good, but joy is better. The JoyScore app is your tool to achieve happiness and personal growth because the choices you make today can propel you into a state of joy tomorrow. Joy is the essence of life and by using the free JoyScore app, you can not only measure and improve your joy, but you can start feeling better in five days or less. After you complete the easy-to-use JoyScore survey, we will provide motivating tips, tools and fun activities designed to enhance your wellness. Keep track of your mood with our ?mood tracker;? the better we get to know you, the better we can inspire you to grow, thrive and take positive steps toward a lifetime of happiness. JoyScore users enjoy success, initially through self-help activities and then through the personalized self-care that the app provides. The tools in the app are developed by industry-leading experts in the field of mind, body and life. The activities are fun to do at home, require no specialized equipment, and always offer up many paths for you to take on your journey to well-being and mindfulness. This is your opportunity to seek the extraordinary in the most ordinary of days. Dial down the negative self-talk and focus on creating a life of passion and purpose through mindset and movement. The JoyScore app is here to help you track your feelings on your steps toward self-care and joy. You deserve to be happy, and happiness is within your reach! Get the motivation you need to take charge of your happiness through fun, simple, powerful habits designed just for you. Benefits of using JoyScore: * Feel happier * Reduce anxiety and stress * Better sleep * Improve focus and concentration * Increase motivation * Healthy eating Tips * Inspiration through introspection * Improve empathy and mindfulness * Learn the secrets of gratitude and positivity * Become more active
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