Crowdsourcing the creation of apps Joyinapp is simplifying things for the average person, allowing anyone to turn ideas into apps, whether it's web, mobile or wearable. From crowdfunding to execution, we are going to open the app creation world to a much bigger market. By combining both crowdfunding and freelancing, Joyinapp offers a simple solution for the average person to turn their ideas into functional apps. Joyinapp allows one to share their app idea and - as long as it receives funding from the crowd - get it fully developed and initially marketed by teams of professionals from around the world. Once the app is launched, a revenue share takes place between the app owner and his or her backers. Our approach is to combine the three worlds of app creation, crowdfunding and freelancing in the simplest way to fit most people with app ideas, whether it's web, mobile or wearable.
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