The Wellness Solution For Remote Work JOON helps companies take better care of their people by automating reimbursable benefits for employee health and wellbeing. Our company was born out of widespread problems we noticed in people operations and the benefits space. Workplaces struggle with wellness, and are wasting time and money creating programs and using services that few people use. We set out to build a simple and intuitive platform that gives everyone the freedom to choose, doesn?t require any paperwork or additional oversight, and could also help companies compete in the war for top talent. We?re a seed-funded company in an emerging industry backed by leading angel investors, growing exponentially, and each position we?re hiring for has endless opportunities. We have a handful of top people-first organizations as clients using JOON to promote healthy living among their teams. We're excited to be fostering a safe environment for you to grow and learn while we work together to create greater access to care.
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