Jollity Online Yoga Studio
A Yoga Studio Wherever You Are Being a dad, a husband, a small business owner, I had no time for regular exercise. On top of gaining weight, I was stressed out. So I thought of a great way to combat both of these problems, YOGA. But I didn't have time to get myself ready, get my girls ready for school, sit in traffic, go to a studio, get home to shower AND get to the office at a reasonable time. And if I would go after work I would never see my family. Introducing Jollity Online Yoga Studio - we offer LIVE and INTERACTIVE online yoga classes from the comfort of your home. Where if you choose to, you can enable your camera and a certified yoga instructor can observe you and give you real-time feedback, just as if you were in a yoga studio. Saving time and money while gaining comfort and privacy. The yoga industry was a $5.7 Billion industry in 2008, $10.3 billion in 2012, and $16.8 billion in 2016. We want the masses to have access to quality yoga instruction, just as if they were in a studio.
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