A gift crowdfunding social network Welcome to a gift social network! What is it Shaker? Shaker is a birthday gift crowdfunding platform. It's a new place where everyone can send a real gift with a text message to one person. What is our goal? People can do amazing things together, so let?s start with birthday gifts because this is the most important day in life. Just think, if a thousand people will send a gift together, it will become a super gift, so our goal is to make people happy by making super gifts, and we can do it together. How does it work? -Send us a social account of a person you would like to give a gift. -Fund the gift for that person and tell your friends to do it too. -Tell us what gift you would like to send in the chat. What do we do? -We create a gift post -We contact with that person -We buy a gift for that person from you -We deliver a gift for that person from you What is it a gift post? Gift post is a post with all info about a person, funding options and a chat. How to fund a gift? You need to download the app and to be registered with a mobile phone number, name, and email. Then you can buy and send a Shaker Gift Card. What is a Shaker Gift Card? It?s a Visa Gift Card that can be used in any store in the USA, so technically, when you fund a gift, you send a Visa Gift Card. What gift do we send? We ask you to choose a real gift or otherwise, we send a Visa Gift Card from you. How to choose a gift? Tell us what gift do you want to send in a chat. What else can I do? Send your happy birthday wishes in a chat like a text, audio, photo or video message. How much it cost? We are a temporary free app. It means no transaction and gift delivery fees. We will try to make it permanent. Let's see how it goes.
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 42837723
Total raised: $90K