Strava meets Foursquare for soccer players Jogabo is a mobile application for the soccer playing community that makes the world around you easy to play soccer in and more fun to explore. Think "Strava meets Foursquare" for the world's most popular game. 1 in 7 humans on the planet is a soccer player, yet because this passionate community still lives inside of SMS silos, disconnected from each other, 90% of players struggle to play when they want to. Jogabo let?s you organize or simply keep track of your upcoming games, shows you when your friends are playing, and notifies you of opportunities nearby. In a new city, we use your playing history to connect you to the soccer community, so you can join games with the locals. And when it?s game time, we?ll track your activity and stats to turn every game into a fun, social and gamified experience. Our vision is that playing soccer should be as easy as going for a run. We call it social soccer.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $400K

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