JIVR Bike. Compact. Folding. Electric. Bike "Everyday, just in EU, there's 100M people commuting to large cities to work. Only 10% of them currently cycle. JIVR's goal is to show the other 90% that cycling to work can be hassle-free." JIVR Bike is a hassle-free commuting bike, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cycling, without any lifestyle compromises. We exist to make non-cyclists cycle. 1. JIVR Bike has all the mechanical elements encapsulated inside the frame, keeping it clean and smooth. This results in eliminating all the hassles faced by cyclists i.e. mud splashing on trousers. 2. An electric drive allows the user to commute effortlessly and focus entirely on enjoying the journey. For urban commuters cycling to work, this solution eliminates the problem of sweating. 3. It folds in four, simple ergonomic moves, to a position that can be easily wheeled, pulled up the stairs or fitted under a desk. 4. JIVR Bike connects with your smartphone to help you monitor and navigate your journey and the bike.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $1.1M

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