We Help to Build You the Product 60 seconds of video cover letter - That is a new way to present your personality, skills, knowledge. Bringing your skills and personality to life, standing out from the crowd - it?s difficult to share the real you when applying for a job. That?s why recruiter requested a video cover letter. The traditional application process dictates first impressions in a short covering letter, with your experiences, passion and ambition squeezed into a C.V. This is not how the world works anymore. There are other means to convey your personal brand and get the best role for you. Video is at our clicking fingertips - all day, every day. We communicate via Skype, entertain ourselves with YouTube and document our lives on Facebook and Snapchat. Video is no longer just for weddings and holidays, it?s also an essential business tool. What better place to utilise it than for recruitment purposes. Not only is this the beginning of an employees? experience, but often a time of growth or change for an employer.
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