The first universal career adviser Jinn is a social platform that accompanies its users throughout their career, and not only when they are looking for a job. Our platform has a database of nearly 3000 professions and 10000 skills and knowledge associated with these professions. We use these data and those of our users to advise them on the best career choice, the relevant training to evolve towards their dream job, and of course job offers posted by Jinn member companies. Thanks to users data, we can always know the situation of our employees, and therefore what is best for them in terms of career. Employers and universities can validate every candidate's experience, skills and degree, meaning resume fraud would be lower. New skills, knowledges, or job position are automatically updated by Jinn, based on our knowledge. Everyone at Jinn can easily share its expertise on Jinn via online courses. It is also possible to sell courses, and become a reference in a specific area.
Member count: 1-10