Early Detection and Intervention in Children Jiguar is the only parent-driven, comprehensive health app that has built in: self-diagnosis and early screening of concerns in the pediatric population, parents? awareness and education, a quick and easy way to connect to providers via in-person and virtual visits as well as a ?Library of Skills? which empowers parents with knowledge they can use as a supplement to their sessions with their children?s? providers. As a hub for all activities regarding their children?s? health, Jiguar excels at every stage of the process of providing care. Through its questionnaire, parents can gain a preliminary understanding of any possible developmental concerns of their child. By connecting to a network of providers, they can easily consult with the providers to monitor and understand their child. To support them in this endeavor, there will be a ?Library of Skills? available as well as a podcast, which will provide information from professionals in the field. Furthermore, there is a collaborative platform for the specialists to coordinate the child?s care plan not only with the parents but also the applicable school systems. This way, every child will have an Individualized Education Program and an ideal treatment plan. The major problem underlying the current landscape of pediatric care is the lack of centralized resources. Parents and providers are often on ?two sides of a fence?, each having their own information and perspective, while missing that of the other. With Jiguar, all stakeholders are on a common footing and can coordinate resources to deliver the best care to children. They deserve nothing less.
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