Bots are compact smart software scripts that can live anywhere, and perform functions and interactions just like traditional smartphone apps. They utilize natural language processing so they can read and understand text on the web, in email, or in your favorite smartphone applications, and then respond in real-time. We can even build bots that listen to audio, or voice commands, and use aritificial intelligence to understand intent, and perform actions and replies accordingly. It's not just text or voice replies either - bots can create rich, personalized experiences and interactions through cards, multimedia, tasks, and functions. The founder of JiffyBots has worked with Virgin Atlantic, New Balance, AT&T, 47Brand, among others. JiffyBots are used for intelligent messaging, in-app conversations, sales automation, intelligent Q&A, scheduling appointments, employee onboarding, accelerating customer service, call center automation, image/doc retrieval, broadcasting updates, polling databases, education assistance, entertainment, and more. Our bots function over the web through WebSocket, HTTP or TCP, and can easily plug into phone systems for voice and SMS, as well as your favorite platforms such as: Messenger, HipChat, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Kik, and more. Schedule a call with an automation engineer to discover what our bots can do for you.
Location: United States, Florida, Saint Petersburg
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 415-715-9492