Retail Jewelry Store Software Solution zworks.org/community/featured-startup-jewelr/#more-1711 With small to mid-sized jewelry retail stores generating $500k to $1M per year, jewelry repair misquotes coupled with outdated software and inexperienced sales staff alone cost these stores an average of $250k profit loss per store, per year. That is a staggering $41.7B in total losses across US jewelry stores annually. In addition to the standard inventory, clientele, vendor databases, as well as POS systems and reporting, we plan to do so much more including but not limited to: -Advanced automated marketing integration -Cloud based, works on both Mac and PC (which no other company does) -Industry specific databases -Partnerships and integrations with industry leaders like GIA, Rapaport, and Kitco. -Accurate Gold and Diamond pricing that changes with the constant gold/diamond/industry pricing fluxes. This will help new and existing employees make more accurate repair quotes on the spot. -Push Notification Approvals (so owners can have a life too) -Bench Jeweler specific section. A step-by-step process just for tracking repairs, supplies, cost, and time. -Automated Appraisals. No more timely appraisal writing, this built in feature does it for you!
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