The digital bank for women Around the world, there are one billion unbanked women. And of the women who do have bank accounts, 73% express discontent with their financial institution. Jefa aims to inspire a paradigm-shift in how women understand, manage, spend, save, and share money. Jefa supports each user on her financial journey with offerings and education around savings, loans, payments, and insurance. Behavioral insights, data analytics, and community building are central to our belief that a women?s financial success comes from both the opportunity of autonomy and the power of her social networks. Jefa is beginning in Central America, a region where the majority of women are under or unbanked. With 10,000 people already signed up on the waitlist, we believe Jefa has immense potential to disrupt and revolutionize banking for women around the world. We are quickly growing the Jefa team, and hope you will consider joining us.
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