The first all-in-one platform for business travel for Latam. TripActions for Latin America. We align the incentives of companies and travellers to spend more efficiently being able to create savings up to 35% below travel policy, in addition, to improve the experience and safety for everyone involved through technology. MBA, ex-Early Rappi employee My energy, participative leadership, and constant communication with my teammates and leaders has helped me find the correct solutions. My experience has facilitated me to develop creative and effective projects to accomplish personal, team and company goals. Luck only reaches you when are you working. Keep learning, it's never enough. Mexican. 29 years old. 4th-year drop out Bachelor in Industrial Engineering at Tec de Monterrey. With more than 14 years of experience in sales, education, growth, expansion, and more. Been part of some of the most beautiful corp companies as Apple and Danone. Also, been early-employee of the leading startup in Latam, Rappi. Started as Partner Manager, ended up being Regional General Manager. Launched many countries and cities through Latam. Now doing TripActions for Latam, with an amazing team.
Location: Mexico, Guadalajara
Founder name: Angel Arias

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