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IrriGreen Software Revolutionizes Irrigation & Reduces Water Use by 50% IrriGreen software automation starts in the lawn with the Genius? Sprinkler, which ?prints? water in any lawn shape with digital control, reducing water use by 50%. Our software network connects digital sprinklers, Wi-Fi Controller, mobile phone and the cloud. Software automates design and greatly simplifies installation because one Genius Sprinkler replaces 6-9 mechanical sprinklers, tripling installation sales and profits. Software calculates turf grass size and optimizes water application based on turf area, soil conditions, and local weather. IrriGreen monitors each system for peak performance notifying customers what they need for a green lawn. The Center for Irrigation Technology (Fresno, CA) evaluation of our digital sprinklers confirmed that one IrriGreen sprinkler used 40 percent less water to achieve equivalent soil moisture compared to 6-9 mechanical sprinklers.
Location: United States, Edina
Total raised: $1.9M

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